July 13, 2010#



The Speed of Trends

We’ve been addicted to trend watching for a long long, long time here at BigKitty.  The speed at which trends from and spread along the axis of goodness is nearly infinite these days.  There are a so many trends to check out these days.

About the best place right now on the web to tap into trends is twitter.  It’s real time fire hose of information and influence is ever so constant. Millions of twitter people are actively thinking, sharing, expression, exuding trends online. Tapping into that feed is easy.  Filtering that feed is tricky but entertaining.  Figuring out the who behind those tweets of insight… is difficult. Sure we get simple names, locations but WHO are these people?


HashParty is a twitter hashtag trend explorer that allows you to see the people behind the tweets.  The basic idea is simple.  You search for something you’re interested in, be it a hashtag trend, a keyword, maybe even a stock and HashParty does the rest revealing all the info you expect, the tweets but delivers more giving you a fast access path to links and the coveted social graph of the people behind these tweets.

The result is more information for you to leverage.

Hashtag’s are key on twitter.  They’re more powerful than keywords.  They reside outside of the sentence, they are key anchors for trend watchers online.  Context pointers to specific events, memes and more.

Dive into the Content

Following someone on twitter is great and all but why not tap that person’s flickr, blog, youtube and more.  If you’re into their tweets, get into their blog, their other sites online, sites that they haven’t connected to twitter, but what HashParty has found for you. Know more.