July 13, 2010#



Ugh Bookmarks!

The problem?  We save too much crap. We save too many bookmarks- stumbleupon, delicious, instapaper, evernote, browser favorites..

Today’s links aren’t just resources any more.  It used to be you’d save really specially unique things, handy how-tos, killer bits of inspiration and they popped up every now and then.  That was 2001.  Today they pop up every 6 seconds on twitter and you feel compelled to save, save, SAVE!

ParsePlz was a dual goal project.  We wanted to do two things, 1- solve the bookmark clutter problem by forcing a constraint on users, a reality wake up call, and 2- dabble in content analysis and play some API’s.  Links have lots of information in them, we wanted to pull that out along the way and see what was in there, and learn a bit.

Version 0 was a really simple URL reader.  You’d enter a URL and it’d tell you some things like sentiment, tags, summary etc.

Version .5 was a URL bookmark app, full on, collected bookmark urls, auto tagged them, analyzed for sentiment, and enabled us to push out our big idea, – you have 72 hrs to review your bookmarks, take another pass at what’s important and then they were flushed.

Analysis Became the Richer Story

We wanted to really purge bookmarks, wean ourselves off from saving everything but that was just one idea, the real idea in ParsePlz morphed out of it- the analysis.  Each URL has a story connected to it and ParsePlz is designed to tell you that story.  It analyzes URLs and tells you a wide range of interesting facts you probably didn’t know about that URL you just bookmarked.  Things like who’s all touched that URL and found it interesting, who’s tagged it with meaning and where has that URL been before and more.

But beta testers didn’t want to purge, just know more..

ParsePlz is now a powerful bookmark analysis tool meets reader. You can still use it to mange your bookmarks but it does alot more than just that.

We’ve got some fun features like:

  • auto-tagging
  • summarization
  • pull out related hashtag trends
  • see who tweeted it
  • see who posted it on delicious
  • see who on twitter is linking like you
  • get recommendations to new content via your tag preference
  • upload your own bookmarks
  • export your bookmarks
  • squat on a twitter user auto parsing their links they tweet
  • watch an RSS feed for links auto parsing links
  • iphone mobile safari support
  • retweet a link
  • post it on a blog
  • email to a friend
  • yank out the rich media from links, videos, mp3s, slideshare, books

You can get into ParsePlz today, hit it up and join us. Look for ParsePlz on the iPhone, Android and iPad soon too.